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Since my diagnosis in October last year I've had to cut down my hours to 32 hours a week. Only 20 hours a month dropped but yikes it's taking its toll already for me to keep up with bills and everything else. I scrape through every month and its adding stress. How does everyone else manage this? Reducing my hours has helped me a lot, doing the shorter shifts, and I rarely need time off work so that's good but... :?


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    Hello Fiona I am lucky to be retired and have my OH working part time..I really feel for you..we do have the working part of the forum maybe that will be of use to you, or you could try talking to cab to see if you are due any help..I do hope so..
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    Hi Fiona
    Sorry to hear you are finding it hard I was diagnosed January last year and have had a year of uncertainties worry hassle upon hassle with work, none of which helps our condition one bit I am looking to leav my job this year guess walk before I'm pushed so I sympathise with you girl hope I t all works out for you, by now you will be adept at adapting, we all are its what we on here have to do

    before you can live a part of your life has to die, most people will never experience this.....guess i have a gift.....
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    It's another worry on top of all the others, isn't it? I have no wise ideas as I was self-employed and was fortunate to be able to retire aged 53. I think having a chat with someone at the CAB (Citizens' Advice Bureau) is a plan, they may be able to advise you about whether you might qualify for PIP or any other benefit to which you could be entitled. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben