R.I.P Sir Terry Wogan

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he will be missed he did a lot for charity
take care
joan xx


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    He will indeed, Joan. Thank you for letting us know, I hadn't heard the news. DD
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    I did wounder when he missed children in need..RIP
  • Kitty
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    I was so shocked and upset when I heard this on radio. Keep remembering back to the days when he and Jimmy Young would have me in stitches when they did their show swap over. Brilliant stuff.

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    Come on then whos a TOG? :P

    (In case you're young its Terry's Old Gits)
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    Heard the news on holiday and had to get my OH to double check online because I couldn't believe it. Another great Brit who was steeled away from us by Cancer! I BLOOMIN HATE CANCER!!! :(