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Hi Everyone,

Two years ago aged 44 I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis of both hips. After 3 attempts with steroid injections that gave me relief for 3 weeks. My consultant tells me I need to have my hips replaced. At the moment I am unsure what to do about having them done. They would be done individually my worst one first. Can anyone offer me any advice or their experiences. Thanks


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    Hi there purplejoanne and welcome to the forum though I'm sorry you had to join us.

    Steroid jabs work well for some (but only temporarily) but not others. Most have to soldier on with pain relief for quite some time so, if your consultant is happy to operate so quickly, and while you're, in arthritis terms so young, you're in luck.

    I've had both hips and both knees replaced. (I have rheumatoid arthritis.) Both ops were very successful and I've had no trouble with the implants. If you have questions just ask away. It's hard to know exactly what each person is interested in unless they ask specific questions. The only general advice I'd give is to do any exercises given by a physio and to keep as active as possible pre-op.

    Click on the small 'search' tab on the pale blue line above. Put 'newhipandy' into the box at the top and press 'enter'. 'Newhipandy' documented her progress from pre-op to, I think, about a month post-op. That might help you but remember there will be slight variations at different hospitals.
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