I'm a Night Owl, are you?

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If I can't sleep at night - between midnight and say 6am - (which is often the case) I often pop onto the Forum and have a peep, but don't log-on. I very often see that there are numerous users showing as browsing the forum and although I can see about 4 or so of these are internet browsers (sorry I don't know how else to explain) I very often wonder who the others are. :? So, I thought I'd confess that I'm an Night-Owl. Are you?

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  • dreamdaisy
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    No, I'm not. I may well be awake (I was this morning from 2 to around 4.30) but as getting out of bed is too painful (and the house is cold) I prefer to stay in the warm and listen to the Sleeping Spouse. :roll: My day starts at 5.30 when he gets up so I'm already two hours or so into my day! DD
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  • theresak
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    No, definitely not! I don`t sleep particularly well, but wild horses wouldn`t drive me out from under my nice warm duvet until breakfast time.
  • Boomer13
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    Not me either, it's far too cold in the house. I've been awake a lot recently because of knee & wrist but I won't give up any amount of my warm duvet.
  • barbara12
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    I'm a night owl Grace.. but dont get on the forum or I would never get back to sleep...we used to have a regular thread on this many years ago ..maybe people are sleeping better..
  • GraceB
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    Thanks for your replies. I must admit that although I look on the forum at night when I'm awake, I don't get out of bed as I use my smartphone as a bedside clock and I can look at the forum that way.

    I find that a few moments of reading through recent posts helps me to get back to sleep at that time of night, as it distracts from my joint pains. I do tend to look at a well-known news website as well.

    I still wonder though where all the other "forum users" come from. Mind you, I'll not worry about it!

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    Hi Grace

    A couple of us Mods are also night owls, although not always on the forums.

    The bots you see visiting are search engines who constantly browse the internet indexing content.

    The others are "guests": people who just come to read the forums from anywhere in the world, plus members who haven't logged in (it's you! :D ).

    There are often more readers of a forum than members. Hope this explains things a bit.

    Best wishes
    Mod B
  • tkachev
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    I'm a night owl at the moment because I sleep all day. I get up for when the kids come home then watch TV until the early hours or read a book.
    I've been tempted to come on the forum but the laptop takes so long to start up :roll: so I don't bother.

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  • Airwave!
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    I don't want to be but yes if I'm awake l'll slip downstairs and have a cuppa while I catch up on the news or read a book. Often solving a problem a crossword puzzle or getting the answer to what is bugging me, I always remember in the morning.

    OH always knows where I am and says she knows the time I get up, she doesn't mind the tea I bring her when she wakes up! After a few nights I'm usually so tired I sleep all the way through the night.
  • stickywicket
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    Not really. I like to watch Newsnight before bedtime but then I'm hopefully in my bed until 7-8am barring loo breaks :roll:

    If I can't sleep in summer I'll brew up and have a read but not at this time of year. I'm more likely to have a couple of swift cocos (It's usually pain) then back to bed in hope.

    We used to have a 'Night Owls and Early Birds' thread. If you put it into the search engine it might still come up. But I think we had more night owls then.
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