Off for a few days

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Hubby and I are going down to our sons for a few days as we got tickets to see Billy Elliot for xmas ,there are 8 of us altogether,looking forward to it.
Not been on the forum much this last week or so as some of you know hubby sister passed away so we have been busy ,because of the problems hubby has since the stroke a lot of arrangements have fallen on my shoulders without the help of his younger brother I would have struggled to get through most of it,the funeral is to be friday 12th at 11.15 your thoughts will be apreciated.
Take care all . Mig X


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    I'll be thinking about you Mig. I hope that everything goes smoothly. You're certainly having a difficult time. Take care.

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    Hello Mig I'm am glad you are getting away for a break, you have had a rough time and then losing your SIL...I will be thinking of you all on Friday...x
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    Oh my lovely, I am so sorry to hear that your husband's sister has passed away and of course I will be thinking of you both on that day. It's always a difficult time and rightly so. :(

    I hope you both enjoy your time away and that you can use the time to recoup your energy. ((( ))) DD
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    I'll be thinking of you on the 12th. Hope you can enjoy your time away and regain some strength. x
  • mig
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    Morning all,Well it's raining and glum down here at sons,grandson has gone to football practice,I chickened out of that tomorrow they both have cricket practice so what with the rugby and cricket on TV we will be quite sported out.This afternoon we are all going to London to see Billy Elliot ,my daughter brought the tickets for a xmas present ,so we are picnicking on the train and a meal in town after the the show.Take care all :valentine: Mig
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    Of course I'll be thinking of you, mig, but first I hope you have a lovely time with your family and at B. Elliot. Just what you needed, I imagine. xxx
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    What a stunning show Billy Elliot is,we had a fabulous day ,grandson is nearly 15 and guided us through the underground (which I hate )with ease,we went to F&Bs for tea then back through the underground to Marylebone for the train back .We go home tomorrow . Mig