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I went to a medical a few weeks ago, I have Osteoarthritis in the knees hips and base of my spine and other conditions that stop me from working, I'm only 40 but have not been able to work because of my conditions since I was 18, I spend most of my time at home in pain as physiotherapy has not worked, I turned up to the medical in my Pyjamas because I was in too much pain to move, the lady at the medical asked if she could examine me but I was in too much pain so she asked me questions, which I answered, she asked me about my wheelchair and I told her I had to come over with my sticks because my wheelchair has flat tyres and I said I came over on the bus with a friend who looks after me, my friend didn't want to go in the medical centre, my friend hates doctors, she asked me about cooking and preparing meals, I said friends prepare my food for me as I cannot cut food because I have Arthritis in my hands, I told her Occupational therapy had given me a trolley to put food on to wheel into my lounge, she asked what else, I said I have a shower stool, I said I can't shower properly and Social services were sorting out a carer for me to cook and help me shower and get dressed, I said I had problems getting dressed this morning and so I wasn't late I had left my pyjamas on and put my coat on, I couldn't bend to put my shoes on and slipped my slippers on, I had to take my Asthma inhaler because I was having problems and then she wanted to take my blood pressure, she helped me take my coat off and did that and helped me put my coat back on and said that I could go, she helped me up and I left, I have received he letter saying that I have 0 points and my Income support will stop soon, It says I can prepare a meal with no problem, I put my coat on myself and I never became breathless, it also says during the examination my legs seem normal, she never examined my legs, it also says she called me to the room and I had no problem hearing her, well she called me 4 times, I'm 80% deaf, but it says I have no problems with hearing and we were over 3 meters apart, I kept asking her to repeat herself, it also said that she does not think I have fits or black outs which I do, I was worried and thinking what to do next, I have not had a seizure for a long time and yesterday had a fit I believe it to be the stress caused by this, my Arthritis is very bad, I find it difficult to go shopping and it says in the letter I have no problems and can push a trolley around the supermarket unaided, I have my food delivered to me I can't get there its too far, it says I can walk 200 metres unaided, I can't, does anyone know what I should do?


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    Hi Me123

    Welcome to the forums where I'm sure you will get a lot of help and good advice from all the lovely people on here.

    It is a little quiet being the weekend, but I'm sure that someone will be along shortly to help.

    There is a useful section on the web site that deals with Welfare Benefits that you may like to take a look at:

    Do read and post across the different topics that you will find here.
    All best wishes

    Mod B
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    Hello Me123 and welcome to the forum though, as we say on here, sorry you had to find us.

    You ask what you should do. As your post is about income support and ATOS I presume you mean how can you ensure you continue to get your benefits following a disappointing ATOS interview. If you read other threads on here you can see what others have done. We usually suggest people appeal but enlist the support of CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau) when filling in the relevant forms and also ensure they have supporting evidence from their doctors, physios, Occupational Therapists etc.

    I have arthritis (RA and OA) in virtually all my joints and it can be very difficult just getting through a bad day. We all understand that on here and, if you post on the Living With Arthritis forum, I'm sure you'll find lots of us in similar boats. Mod B has helpfully directed you towards the Welfare Benefits section of our site but there is also lots more information about simply how to cope with arthritis. You seem to be having a particularly hard time of things if you were unable to get dressed for your interview. It would take more determination than I possess to get on a bus in pyjamas and slippers.

    I wonder how old your wheelchair is as my hospital stopped providing ones with hollow tyres years ago. My current one, which I've had for 6-7 years, has solid tyres which have taken me over lots of rough ground with no problems. It might be worth asking your hospital about this.

    You say that 'physiotherapy has not worked'. Actually, more and more research is showing that physio does work for arthritis. Admittedly, it can be very hard to persevere because we have to put a lot of effort into more or less staying where we are but, personally, I find that so much better than gradually getting worse. And also better than taking more and more pain relief.

    Did you know that you can buy, very cheaply, a sort of wadding that goes over your cutlery and makes it tons easier to handle. I'm going to get some to take to my son's as, although I ensure I have cutlery with thick handles at home, I feel 'more disabled' at his house when I can't cut, or even spread, things for myself. You might find the 'Ideas to make life easier' thread, at the top of the Living With Arthritis forum, useful. We are a resourceful lot.

    However, to go back to your interview, if you feel you've not been listened to by the interviewer you should appeal and, as I said, enlist the aid of CAB. Good luck and please join us on the other forums.
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    Was the assessment for income support or ESA or PIP? It seems to me that you need to appeal pointing out the many discrepencies in her report (she called you 4 times, she helped you put on your coat, friends prepare your meals). The person who give you zero points just read her report and they do not know how the assessment really went.

    I think you have to do a mandatory reconsideration first asking them to look at the report again.

    I'll take a look and see if I can find out for you

    Elizabeth xx
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    Hello ME123, nice to meet you.
    Sorry to hear that you have had what is really a pain in the neck deal with ATOS. Please don't feel like you are on your own with their so called decisions and taking matters into their own hands. Many of us have had such experiences in the past and I am sure, there will be more down the line.

    Elizabeth is right, you need to ask for a reconsideration, stating your reasons in no uncertain terms and providing any further evidence that you possibly can (always take a copy of anything you send in). A different assessor will then look at your case, hopefully taking into account any further information and your reasons behind the request.
    Makes my blood boil and I am not alone by any means. Life is tough enough and we are not well enough to jump through hoops, but, we have to and therefore we will not give in. We have to fight, even more so these days.
    Others will offer more help I am sure.
    Let us know how you get on. Take lots of care XXXX Bubbles

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