Loss of memory

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I cooked myself some pancakes, I had never realised that my own pancakes were so delicious! Other half came in and looked at the remainder of the mix and asked how many had I had. It was at this moment that my memory failed me..........

It's a grin, honest! :mrgreen:


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    I find that food others have cooked is always more tasty than my efforts . . . . pleased you enjoyed them and maybe it's just as well that 'er indoors didn't realise she was looking at the second batch of batter! :wink: DD
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    Brilliant ..must say I got carried away with them...very additive..hope there were lots left for Mrs airwaves
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    OH stopped at three, she's a lightweight! I have to finish the mix tonight otherwise I can't do the washing up........ :mrgreen:
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    You could always make Yorkshires with it for the Sunday roast.

    I breathe a sigh of relief that I no longer have to make pancakes. The lads used to invite their friends over and it went on all night.
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