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I imagine you are all familiar with the way that our brains do a predictive text type manoeuvre on what we read - for me a classic from childhood onwards is reading shopfitter as shoplifter. Yesterday I was doing a quick check of the weather for today and read 'Warning of yellow snow'. I wasn't really concentrating and thought 'yuk' and moved on. When the synapses had caught up sufficiently I went back and realised it was a 'Yellow warning of snow', ie the colour coded system to indicate level of risk/severity. Trouble is I can't erase the 'wrong' version....


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    :lol: Predictive brains. So misleading.

    There is a psalm, which comes up annually in the liturgy, one line of which is "Camels in throngs shall cover you". I once read it as 'Camels in thongs'. It's an image I still can't eradicate and have actually grown to like :lol:

    While we're at church... :wink: ...there's a (I suspect) '70's hymn with the recurring line "When I fall on my knees with my face to the rising sun...." Unfortunately, possibly due to the alliterative effect, half the congregation will inadvertently be singing "When I fall on my face with my knees to the rising sun". Again, a wonderful image but I think it's been quietly dropped at many churches.
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    It's flutterbies for me - not butterflies.

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