R.I.P. George Martin.

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Being of a certain age I grew up with The Beatles (as a hidden soundtrack because my parents liked classical music) but I learned that George was the 'force majeure' behind their storm, he gave them that sound. He was classically trained but seamlessly fused that with the writings of the Fab Four (Eleanor Rigby is a good example.)

Yes, he was ninety, and everybody leaves us whether we knew them or not, but he is one of the few that truly changed the world. The Beatles are still being played and will always be played because their sound is one that will never been repeated.

R.I.P. George Martin and thank you. DD
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    What a wonderful talent he had, and like you say DD he did changed the musical world ..so glad I was around in the era..RIP
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    I grew up with the Beatles too. The phenomenon that was them will not come again - and they make the present day performers appear tuneless and inept. Like Barbara' I'm glad I was around then.