Blue Badge application submitted this week

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I've finally submitted my BB application, I've had the form in the house for months, started but not finished but I've finally taken the bull by the horns and done it.
I think the main thing that was putting me off was knowing that I would have to go for an assessment as I'm not on any DLA or PIP or anything like that. I just couldn't face it when I was off work and having to have absence meetings and OccH meetings etc. I think I've got all my appointments more under control just now and feel a little bit more proactive about them. So..... took the form to work and my colleague certified my photocopies for me and off in the internal mail it went (small perk of being a council worker).
I think it could take a few months but we'll see. Part of me feels I don't really need it and I'll definitely 'fail' the assessment and the other part of me knows how quickly I get worn out walking or going round shops. The OccH health person even said that if I was parked in an ordinary space at supermarket I would probably have used up all my walking around comfortably time by the time I reached the supermarket door.
Will just have to wait and see what happens, but fingers crossed as its poor hubby who has to go fetch car and then come back for me when we can't find a spot near where we're going.


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    I applied for a discretionary BB abut 18 months ago. My assessment was at home with a LA occupational therapist who was really nice. She asked questions, checked on how I was managing generally at home and gave me a couple of suggestions for things that might help. She observed me walking up and down stairs, and then we went outside for the main assessment. She visually estimated a point about 25m away and just told me to take it at my normal pace and rest if I needed to.
    I had to wait about 4-6 weeks from when I sent off my application to my assessment, this was on a Monday and she phoned me at the end of the week to say my application was successful.

    Hope all goes as well for you
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    You never know and if you don't ask you will not receive. People without mobility issues qualify for BBs - it's frustrating watching them stroll in and out with ease and not a walking aid in sight as I battle to unload my rollator.

    If you are successful then it may take up to six weeks for your badge to appear, they are a boon but be prepared for BB rage when you spot a car without one in a spot which you could have used. :wink: DD
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    Hello slomo I was the same when I applied do I really need it, think its part of accepting you need help, good luck with it..x
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    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you Slomo. Hope it arrives soon.
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    I applied for a BB years ago before i even had arthritis, because i have an inner ear disorder which causes almost constant dizziness on moving my head or turning around to look behind me, looking up at the ceiling/sky etc.
    I had an assessment and was really pleased to have received one.
    Now of course being on DLA due to Osteoarthritis i just have to renew it every 2 years.
    I would have been one of those people that walked around unaided, albeit very slowly and using a supermarket trolley for support, and people wondering why i had a of course i am straight into my wheelchair, or using my walker to get in and out of the doctors/dentists surgery from the kerb.
    This is no disrespect to you DD.
    It is awful that I feel relieved to have walking aids now, so people aren't judging me, but i DO understand their frustration, as i have felt it myself when seeing someone apparently able bodied rushing into the shops.

    Good luck, hopefully it won't take too long to sort out.

    Hips xx