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Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with JIA mid-teens. I'm still suffering with it today and methotrexate/leflunomide hasn't been entirely effective.

I thought i'd join up just to share experiences with other people as I don't know anyone my age (20s) with it. Also I've just had my knee drained for the 2nd time in 2 weeks so I'm bound to my laptop.

I looked forward to getting to know you all!


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    and welcome to the forum it is lovely to have you here. We have a forum for young people that you might like to visit but of course you are welcome to post everywhere. Our Living with arthritis forum is the most popular. There is a thread in the young people's section you might want to post in as there are some people there with JIA.
    We do also have courses for young people so check out our website. The next ones seem to be in Scotland but we do run them in England and Wales too
    Best wishes to you
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    Hi there. Sorry we're a bit slow off the mark. (Must be the arthritis :wink: 0) I've had it since I was 15 but I'm no longer young. We do have some young people on here though and, if you post on the Living With Arthritis forum, they're more likely to see it and reply.

    If your meds aren't working do get in touch with your rheumatology helpline but, of course, the effectivemess or otherwise of the meds doesn't necessarily bear much relationship to the pain we feel.

    It's years since I had a knee drained. How's it going?
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    I apologise for not replying before now but I've been affected by a rather nasty stomach bug. The only procedure that could make me run is having my knees drained: I've had it done many times and all have been deeply unpleasant experiences which were never that successful. I found meth and lef of very little help but my current triple therapy is doing something to control my psoriatic arthritis, a little something but a something nonetheless.

    It can be easy to have hopes which are too high in regard to the effectiveness of the meds, all of us know people who fall ill, go to the doctors and maybe take some medication and return to full health: it's not like that for us, is it? When did you have your meds reviewed last? DD
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