Final Clexane Injection

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Okay, so there I was poised and proud of myself that I had managed 13 of the 14 injections post TKR uneventfully. Yes this was the finally one.

So I pull the end of the last needle and sudenly realise I'm holding it in the wrong place. The plunger comes out, liquid starts coming out all over my hands. I put it back together hastily and end up without about a quarter of an injection left which I administer.

Then I start panicking, ring the GP, who is happy to prescribe one injection. He says he doesn't think it matters but why take a risk that if I should get a clot we would never forgive ourselves for.

Fact: tomorrow is Good Friday, no chemists in the area can get the injection in until Saturday. Small print says that if you forget a dose you should never double on the same day and I've already had a quarter dose today. So the last one will be Saturday, maybe 36 hours late.

Question - can anyone reassure me and calm me down please?

Thank you


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    For what it's worth, Wobbly, and assuming this is an injection to prevent post-op blood clots, I've never had one and I'm still here to tell the tale. For , y last 2/3 joint replacements I've been given one of those machines that squeezes your leg (shredded it once :roll: ) while in hospital but nothing once I was out, after, about, 6-7 days. I'm sure if you keep doing your exercises, you'll be fine.
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    Thanks Stickywicket, I know I'm panicking but this is my first time and I'm finding it hard to be nonchalant about it all as you know. :?

    So just thanks again for being there, I know in my heart that's the sensible answer lol :D
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    And yes it is anti coagulation :D
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    I've not had these either but I doubt very much that you've done yourself any harm. I've had injections that have 'mis-fired' due their technology but mine are of a different kind and, as I cannot be sure how much of the drug I've received, I've always ditched the offending syringe and not taken another dose.

    Fret ye not, you will receive the final dose in due course so make sure you're sitting in a nice, quiet environment, concentration fully-summoned and take your time with its admin. Good luck! DD
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    Hi Wobbly

    I was also on Clexane for 14 days this was after my ankle replacement surgery.Was equally proud when I did my first injection (in the abdomen) but even more so when I did my 14th.I would doubt if not having all the last dose would have any significant effect,if so why not have 11 days or 13 days,2 weeks I feel is a convenient period.But like you I would err on the side of caution.

    My OH has had type 1 diabetes for many years and is so blase about injecting and it amused her when I sometimes used to cringe when I saw her inject.Revenge was sweet when I did the same..... :?:

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    Once again - thank you everyone, I know I was panicking last night and didn't work through it logically. It's not just that it's my first TKR, it's also my first operation of any kind! So I have no idea about all this and I panic over little things.

    I've had very bad experiences with medics and drug reactions in the past and you seem to stay anxious over these things.

    So thanks again. xxx
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    Ah bless you!

    As you probably know my youngest daughter is fighting Leukaemia (nearly won too).

    For almost the entirety of 2014 she was in bed in hospital and needle-phobic.

    All the other kids had their injection every night and every night Lucy said no. :?

    I was terrified she would have a DVT especially as she never got out of bed, she was so ill. No DVT thank goodess :)

    I am sure you'll be ok too :)

    Enjoy your last jab ;)


    Toni xxx
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    Thanks Toni, just done xx

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