I've been given Working Tax Credit but am worried ...

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After losing my partner last month, I've had to claim - and been awarded - Working Tax Credit. As I have the higher rate mobility for DLA I also get a disability element of WTC. I can only work 19 hours a week due to my disability. My friend kindly helped me to complete the form (and she checked it for me) and then I had an anxious 3weeks whilst I waited for the result, which I got yesterday.

I'm now concerned on two counts.
1. When I had to re-apply for my Blue Badge early February I had to ask the DWP for a letter of entitlement for my DLA.
2. I've now had to claim the WTC.

With both of these approaches "drawing attention to me" as it were, I'm now worried that I'll be called in for my PIP assessment and could have my award reduced. If that happens not only will I then lose the WTC but more importantly my Motability car will go and I'll have to hand that back within 3 weeks of the decision. All this is very concerning to me. Has anyone else been in a similar position please and if so, what were your experiences? Thanks.



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    Sorry I'm late in replying.

    I wouldn't worry. You do need proof of DLA for Blue badge and you usually get one letter once a year but it is easy to mislay them and this meas you would have to apply for a new one but it wouldn't trigger a PIP form.

    And you have had to claim for WTC because your circumstances have changed and this very common but needs to be done otherwise they could be over or under paying you.

    Transferring from DLA to PIP has its own agenda if on an indefinite award but is usually to do with postcode as far as I am aware.

    Take care
    Elizabeth x