Eggs in egg cups.

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We had one of 'those' marital discussions this morning. After 29 years together you would think we knew each other - and our little quirks - inside out but apparently we don't.

He brought me my Easter Sunday breakfast in bed, namely two hard-boiled eggs, I like them boiled to oblivion and, as usual, I reversed them in the egg cup. He puts them in pointy end down, broad end to the top whereas I prefer mine pointy end up and broad bit down. He says that his way makes the shelling easier whereas I like them my way because I find scooping out the bottom bit easier and they 'fit' better in the cup.

This led me to wonder - are you a pointy end up or down? Do you neatly cut off the top of the egg or smash the shell to bits and peel with patience? I'm an upper-and-smasher, Mr DD is a downer-and-smasher.

We have some weird weather, bright sunshine and lashing rain. Happy Easter to one and all. DD
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    I like the pointy end up top and pointing skywards. It just looks better in my opinion.

    I tend to smash the top with a spoon, try to cut bits away then peel away the broken shell bit by bit because its always too hot.

    OH slices the top off neatly but takes half the runny yellow with it which I feel is a waste as its the yellow bit I eat.

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    I prefer my eggs boiled and mashed with butter but if I have them in an egg cup, I prefer them bottoms up as when the top is cut off, there is more room to get a spoon in. And I cut the top off with a knife.
  • theresak
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    Definitely pointy end up top - and must be eaten with toast cut into soldiers of course.
  • stickywicket
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    Yup. Pointy end up mainly because I'm a softy (where eggs are concerned) and I like to work my way into the yolk rather than eat the best bit first.

    After extensive trials of every egg opener on the market, I now place it in the egg cup, run it under the cold tap then hold a steadying finger on the top whole attacking its head with a sharp knife.
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  • mig
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    pointy end up smash it then peel.
  • barbara12
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    pointed end up....and slightly runny applerose my late mum used to smash them with butter when we were poorly, I still do that for my GC... :)
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    Pointy end up, its obvious so you get a broader base, the egg remains more stable when cutting the top off. A pinch of salt and a twist of pepper with buttered toast, yum.