Toe inflammation

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Hi all,

Hope you can help, think I'm going thru a flare at the moment everything isn't happy but I have a new joint playing up !

It's my big toe! When I woke up this morning it felt like I was walking with something stuck to the underneath of my top toe pad! Closer inspection nothing there was def swelling over the day it's subsided. However my toe looks redder than the other. Could it be my arthritis ?

About a year ago my toe nail became bruised like I'd dropped something on it ! ( I hadn't to my recollection), wondered if it was linked ? Xx

Thanks in advance !


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    Hi Lynne,

    Sorry you're having foot's miserable :( . I've certainly had RA problems with red inflamed and swollen toes which made wearing shoes really happened to be when I had a routine rheumatology appointment and the doc confirmed that RA affects toes I hope it settles soon for you.

    Deb xx
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    Hello Lynne,

    I am sorry your toe is painful, I have never had any trouble with my feet. till I had this THR, ligaments under my foot and 2 middle toes painful and clicking..not a clue why, just to say I feel for you and hope you can get some help very soon
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    Thankyou for your replies X

    It isn't as bad today! Felt dreadful all over. So much so I rested the whole day and feel more myself today.

    I must remember to record these things for when I next see my rhumy X

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    Put ice on the site of inflammation, just don't put the ice directly on the the skin. Do this every day for as long as you can stand it for up to 10 mins. If the ice hurts/burns stop immediately. This should help with the swelling.

    Staying barefoot or just wearing socks in the house helps the foot stay in a more natural position than wearing slippers. Invest in some good supportive shoes. I find M&S' footglove range is brilliant, they offer wide fit (perfect for bad feet days) and half sizes. The shoes aren't cheap but they're not unreasonably priced either. Better to have quality over quantity. Since being diagnosed I have to wear shoes which are half size bigger than before and a wide fit, so try before you buy!

    Ask around, normally shoes which nurses/carers (i.e people who are on their feet all day) wear are both durable and good for your feet. Good luck, I know foot pain can be horrific. I hope you find a way to manage.