trapeziotomy all done

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well I had the op done Saturday by the same surgeon who did my TWR years ago I stayed awake all through the op listening to the hammering and counting stitches etc I did drift off now and again, but when back on ward my surgeon came round and said the op was very challenging as the damage done to my thumb joint was far worse then showed on xray and he had to work hard to get results, all I know is I am black and blue up my arm and in a plaster cast for 2 weeks until stitches come out, it aches like hell right now but am taking pain relief, so am now wondering what other ops I'm facing this year had appointment through for back neck and shoulder surgeon all damaged by arthritis for June has anyone else had their thumb removed ?


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    Well done! That's that under the belt whatever else life offers. I don't know of anyone who's had a thumb amputated, though. They're rather essential for grip. Were you considering it?
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    it's done and dusted, which has to be a good thing. Of course it will be painful and probably for some time yet, any surgery (no matter how 'small') causes a huge disturbance to the body and all of us auto-immuners find healing a challenge because we still take the meds so our immune systems are rendered helpless to aid the process. Sometimes we can't win! :roll:

    I far prefer summer operations, the whole convalescent thing is far more pleasant with the longer and warmer days. Keep resting, I presume you have been given exercises to do so be conscientious with them as it may lead to a better outcome. Take care and be kind to yourself. DD
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    Phew so glad that is over with for you, suppose now its the hard bit, make sure you keep on top of the pain, I am down for the same but put if till this THR was out the way..wishing you a good recovery..please keep us updated..x