SO the chases begin!!

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Hi guys, well I've had my M.R.I scans, the soonest I can get in to see my consultant regarding the results is the beginning of May so that's booked. Now I start rearranging my Rheumatologist appointment and speak to my G.P so I can sort out my Social workers visit. All to try and make me safer in my own home since this fall. I'm still not confident alone, If I need to go to the toilet or move something I get palpitations and start to sweat. I feel so stupid I used to feel safe and happy alone and boom a freak accident and I'm totally different person.


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    Aww hello bubba , I know were you are coming from, and I have my OH hear..but have no confidence....I hope the MRI results are good and you can get all you need from the social worker..good luck (())