A week of medical appointments coming up

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Hi everyone,
I seem to have managed to get myself a week of medical appointments starting from tomorrow.... Didn't intend that to happen, will be shattered by next Friday!
Tomorrow I have optician appointment. On Monday I will have a day off work to attend my rheumy appointment, so that'll be approx 3 and a half to 4 hours round trip. I've been on 10mg prednisolone since start of year so am anticipating that he'll put me down to 9 and a half....we'll see. Next Friday (8/4) I have a review appointment with my GP in the morning and have just been advised that in the afternoon I have my Blue Badge assessment appointment! I'll also be at work on Tuesday and Wednesday as usual. Will definitely be shattered by next Friday!!!
Now of course I'm getting nervous about my BB assessment, not convinced I'll get it plus some of the normal nerves you get when facing the unknown. I know where the building is and have seen it from the bus but have never been in it. I do feel that this condition makes 'normal' nervousness more severe (or maybe I'm just a scaredy cat)
On the plus side, OH has day off on my rheumy appointment day and insists on taking me. Also I only sent off my Blue Badge application at beginning of March so that's been quite quick. Also by the time I get to that appointment, I'll be pretty tired so they'll get a truer picture of how I am rather than me bouncing in putting on a brave face.
Am just going to note all this down in my diary or I'll have them all muddled up and who knows where I'll end up!!

All the best


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    slomo I am tired reading all that, blimey..I do wish you well at them all, and hopefully you will get your BB...glad to hear your OH is off work for your rheumy one..4 ears are better than 2...in my case one..or 2 between us...will be thinking about you xx