I sat on an old pair of reading . .

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. . glasses and now they fit like a dream. They were very loose and kept sliding down my nose but an accident has led them to fit far better. This led me to wonder about what you have 'accidentally' improved? DD


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    DD you could get a job repairing glasses.
    years ago my dad closed the car door he had left the key in side he said I will go and ring the AA I called him back I had opened the door with my pen knife he said you have been watching to many cops on the television.
    joan xx
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    oh DD I had to laugh, my GD plays with mine and gave them back to all twisted..would say they fit better..unless I lean to one side... :lol:
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    Joan! I'm shocked by your 'criminal' past. :) Many years ago I somehow locked myself out of my very old 2CV, I had gone to Colchester to give a talk about dyslexia and thought there would be a student or two who might have the knowledge to break in so I could rescue my keys. Alas no.

    Barbara, children love glasses, don't they? I think children who wear specs always look very professorial!

    I haven't accidentally improved anything else but I am known for not using the right tools for a job: no screwdriver within reach? I'll use a nail file. Can't be bothered to dig out the grater? I'll use a potato peeler. DD