So occasionally Arthur can bring something good!

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Hi all

I've been off the forum for a few weeks - a well-deserved trip to Thailand to stay with my in-laws :cheers:

To be honest Arthur was not best pleased with the flight and was playing up badly by the end. But there was one positive! I decided that, after a tricky experience boarding the plane when I took my students to Italy in Feb (beyond getting 28 teenagers into their seats) I would ask for assisted boarding this time.

Not only did I get to choose our seats (still not quite to the OH's satisfaction but never mind - premium economy next time!) and board more comfortably, but being on crutches got us in priority lanes through both airports. I had no idea that was possible - so much easier. Us and the Buddhist monks in Bangkok :D

It's been a restful 2 weeks and it's good to have something positive to focus on (with a nice long, intense half-term running into exams to look forward to



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    I love the assisted boarding..till they hold you back till the end..this happened once and we held our family up by an hour...but couldn't do without it.. :)
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    Glad you had a good holiday and did the sensible thing at the airports.

    Priority lanes are normal for disabled passengers at all airports. You can have an even better choice of seat if you find what sort of plane you're flying in then go to as it tells which are those with more leg room etc. Then go back to your booking and ask for the seats of your choice.

    There's always a danger they'll put disabled passengers in bulkhead seats as they seem to think these have more room. For arms maybe but not for legs. Though they do avoid having the passenger in front of you landing in your lap when they decide to recline their seat. (Why is it still allowed?)

    Barbara, for us wheelchair-using passengers it's always first on / last off. Otherwise the chairs get in everyone else's way. Swings and roundabouts. I agree it can be a pain if you've a flight connection to catch but at least they usually let you sit in first class while you're waiting so's you can see how the other half lives:D
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    Hi Ladybrown, I'm very Jealous of you! I went to Thailand before the Tsunami and it was before my health took a nose dive so got to enjoy it. I'm desperate to go back and we are looking into it at the moment. What company did you go with? Was it Thomson as it sounded like you went on the Dreamliner? I went on it to Jamaica seating was okay but I agree with you premium next time we go on it! We never get to choose our seats you will have to give me secret about doing that!!
    I always use the Disabled Assistance because I'm in my wheelchair, My OH & I love the fast tracking through the airport, I feel like a V.I.P.
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    Hi Bubbadog
    We went with BA and I declared myself as needing assisted boarding online and up popped the 'choose your seat' option! I think I will definitely upgrade next time as I was still v uncomfortable and we will definitely be going back as my sister-in-law is Thai :-D We went to the north this time, Chiang Rai, which is where Napa is from but hoping to see a bit of the south next time
    I don't need the wheelchair at the airport but it is so good to have time to get on, stow my sticks etc. You're right though - I did feel like a VIP!
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    Would you class Thailand as disabled friendly Ladybrown, as I would be using my wheelchair there? We went to Phuket when we went there it was very nice and I fell in love with the people.