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Hello everyone my name is mark and I have osteoarthritis in my left knee,
it's giving me bother giving way and my balance is off a bit and right foot
sore can anyone give me any advice is this normal ?
many thanks mark.


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    Welcome to the forum Mark on behalf of the Moderating team.
    I am confident that you will receive lots of support from the members here.
    Any problems you have using the boards please feel free to contact us via a personal message.

    Best wishes
    Moderator Ellen
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    Hello, I have OA in both knees (and other places too) so can empathise with the discomfort. Your balance will be affected because as soon as a joint is in trouble we unconsciously alter the ways we move to try to ease the discomfort; this puts other joints under undue pressure so they begin to hurt too. I suspect your right foot etc. is compensating for the trouble in your left knee, hence the ache. It is also common for knees to give way. Do you use a stick to help matters? If so it should be held in your right hand to ease the strain on your right side as well as easing the pressure on the OA-affected joint. DD
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    Hello from me, too, Mark.

    Yes, sadly it sounds all too normal and, as DD has said, the pain in the other foot is more than likely to have arisen from the awkward way you'll be walking due to the knee.

    In addition t o possibly using a stick, do ensure you wear good, supportive shoes all the time. Trainers are usually good, slip-ons usually bad and slippers a no-no.

    Has your GP offered any physio? If not, why not ask? A physio would be able to help your knee but also help protect other joints. All the best.
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