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Good Morning, I am ( Amanda) & I am a carer for my Huuby, who also has ( OA, & he is deaf & suffers from severe sight loss. I have been his carer for many years. We live near ( Guildford) Dont have any children. Last year I had my right hip replaced, & fear in time I will need my knees doing . But I am so scared of Hospitals. I dont have that much help at all or any one with whom I can talk to. I have reflexology on a regular basis & this does help. As I need more ( Amanda Time ) We are owned by two small dogs. And have a dog walker to help us out. Sorry to moan Regards Amanda


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    Hi Amanda
    wonderful to have you back on the forum but I am sorry to hear you are having such a rough time of it. As a carer have you had a carers assessment by your local adult social care department? They may be able to offer you and your husband some extra support. It is difficult to cope with arthritis when you are in lots of pain. Here is a link to the Surrey council website for you
    Best Wishes
    Moderator Sharon
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    Hello again, Amanda. I see others have offered suggestions so I'll simply say it's lovely to see you and well done for conquering your fears about the new hip :D
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    Hi Thank -you, I have had an assessment but they cant offer any more help.They say we have got enough help. My Husband was lucky to have his communicater guides. !! He needs them otherwise its even harder on me.So we simply have to struggle through. Regards Amanda
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    I'm sorry things are so tough for you, Amanda - I hope it somehow may prove possible to get some more help.
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    I answered your other thread but yes, it's lovely to hear from you again even though things are not that good. I hope you soon find more help and I wish you and your hubby well. DD
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    Hi Amanda so sorry to hear what your going through I was a carer for my mum a few years ago,I was very lucky my husband was a great help, but when your in pain yourself it's very hard.
    Take care and look after yourself.
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    Hello Amanda and a warm welcome form me
    I am sorry your are suffering with your knees on top of everything,not sure if its the same were you live but around here if you need it after an hospital say they offer 6 weeks of help, then after that you have to pay depending on your circumstances..and dont apologize for the little moan we are all here for one another..it really does help to talk...I really do hope you get the help you need..