That hurt!

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I had a first podiatry appointment today when the edge and sides of my ingrown toenail on my left big toe were "trimmed". It hurt as there wasn't any local anaesthetic applied for this stage. :roll: My toe now has a plaster over the nail area which is extremely sore. I didn't even get a "you've been a brave girl today" sticker or certificate!

To add insult to injury, the podiatrist wanted to look at my other foot. Then he pronounced - with what seemed to be an unreasonable amount of joy in his voice - that the nail on my right big toe is also ingrown! I didn't expect that at all.

So what next you ask?
I've been put on the list to have the left big toenail removed - this will involve a local anaesthetic thankfully. Once that's been done, they'll "list me" for the right big toenail. Having experienced this today and bearing in mind that the right big toenail isn't (currently) causing me any pain or generating any infections - touch wood - I'll ask them to go straight to nail removal with that one. Don't fancy repeating today in a hurry!



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    Oh heck, that sounds nasty. :( I hope it can all be sorted ASAP but I reckon having a toenail completely removed will be, ummm, unpleasant. Please let us know how you get on. DD
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    Aww Grace that did sound painful, its much better to have them removed, because once they ingrow they tend to always do friend had it done ..did you know if they just remove it and not use this chemical they can grow make sure you have the right one...
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    Hello Grace
    I have a in growing toe nail on my big toe I have a pad on it.
    my other big toe I broke 20 years ago the toe nail as never grown back all the way up so its short.
    I hope yours feels better soon.
    joan xx
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    Hi Grace, that sounds painful. I had an ingrown toe nail removed a few years ago by my GP. Once he'd injected the anaesthetic it was quite painless, and it's been fine ever since.

    Do keep an eye on yours as they can get infected, & that's really sore.
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    Thanks for your replies. I'll certainly not be letting them start taking the nail off until the toe is completely numb. Don't think I'll be watching it being done though. :roll:

    There is mention in the "toe surgery" paperwork they gave me of a chemical being painted on and it says that this stops the nail growing back.

    Where the nail was trimmed last Friday it's not too sore at the moment thankfully.

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    Oh Grace my eyes are watering at the thought of having to go through that torture. I hope some relief comes out of what your being put through! Take care.
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    I find it better to put up with the pain and dig them out myself, the relief when its done is wonderful! :deckchair: