Ball girl

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We have just learned our granddaughter has been picked as a ball girl at Boodles tennis tournament which is a week before Wimbledon she's wildly excited though so very nervous. Mig


  • barbara12
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    Aww Mig..many congratulation to your Gd..and so she should be proud.. I hope she gets some picture for the family album... :D
  • tkachev
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    Not far from where I live Mig. Hope she has a good time.

  • stickywicket
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    Hey, good for her. I hope she manages to relax enough to enjoy it. She's an all-round sportswoman.
  • theresak
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    We'll done to your granddaughter, Mig - it will be a great experience for her.

    When at school, many moons ago, we used to 'ball boy ' at Ashbrook, in Sunderland, and a young Virginia Wade played there in a tournament.

    I hope she enjoys it & I'm sure her nerves will vanish.