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Hi folks I have not been on this forum for a while, I am one of the lucky ones...although I have extensive Osteo arthritis my RA has been kicked into touch for a number of years now :D Still the joint damage goes on, :roll: having had both hips replaced :P I am due to have the first of my knee replacement ops and I am v scared!! :o For two reasons; I hear they are far more painful than hips and I have severe 'knock' knees so there is, apparently, some risk of ligature and muscle damage during the operation :( has anyone else experienced this problem, I have been warned I could end up with a 'drop' foot :o Cheers


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    Hi Susie,
    I don't know about the 'drop' foot problem, but hopefully I can put your mind at rest about the pain of a TKR. I had both knees replaced together almost four years ago. Yes, it's painful; I can't compare with hip replacements as I still have my own hips. But you'll get lots of strong pain relief (ie morphine) and things improve quite quickly. Please don't worry about that. I hope someone else can answer your other question.
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    Hello again, Susie.

    I've got the full complement of knee and hips and can't say I found either op worse. Well, actually, I can. I much prefer knees as my legs swell more with hips and I hate the sleeping on the back business.

    Surgeons have to warn you about possible dangers (I was told before my knee revision that, if it all went pear-shaped, I could end up with an amputation. It didn't. It went brilliantly and my leg was better than after the original TKR which, itself, lasted 27 years. (And still is.)

    If you have any worries talk them over with your surgeon. Ask about probabilities v possibilities. I suspect the 'drop foot' is unlikely. I've never heard anyone on here mention it. When's the op?
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    Hi Susie
    I thought our booklet on surgery might be of interest to you. You can also phone our helpline if you would like more information on 0808 8004050.
    Best Wishes to you
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