Farewell, Prince.

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It's been announced that the little man with a big talent has passed aged only 57: I know he has been poorly but with what is not generally known.

His music takes me back to one of the more magical times of my life, the time when I first met Mr DD. Crikey.

RIP Prince. I hope that you and DB meet up somewhere and make more great music.



  • frogmorton
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    You mean Symbol?

    Gosh what a shock!

    My best friend at school loved him.

    RIP Prince
  • frogmella
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    I love Prince. Bubba does too. Do glad I took the chance to go and see him when I did now. So sad. Been listening to his music today. Only watched Purple Rain again the other weekend.
  • applerose
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    It is so sad that there will be no new music from him. He's been my favourite musician since he started out. I've been listening to his music on and off today and have got the Viva tribute on now. Brings back memories. RIP Prince Rogers Nelson.
  • bubbles
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    Very sad indeed, we seem to have lost such talent recently, one after the other.
  • frogmorton
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    I still cant get over the shock. Though rumour has it he had a bad hip and was on oxycodone.

    I think if it's true.
  • bubbadog
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    As Frogmella said I was a huge fan since I was 12yrs old, his music helped me through so much and along the way I introduced a few friends to his music including my OH I saw him live 6 times (maybe more!) When my OH told me the news Thursday night I was crushed I think I cried for over half an hour and after reading all the tributes on Twitter yesterday cried again. He felt like a friend to me that's why it's been such a shock and I'm still sad.