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It's about the NHS booking referral system.

Right now I need physio. I'm a tad desperate. My lovely GP, whom I saw on Tuesday was sure I do. I got the letter yesterday, from our surgery, with the NHS referrals booking system form, rang the latter, got a busy line so went for the DIY online option. I couldn't believe that the soonest I could get this urgent physio was in 47 days :shock:

It hardly seemed worth it. I'd have to attempt something (what?) myself. But I booked it anyway then immediately rang our Community Health Centre, where I'll have it, to ask about cancellations. She said it was all done centrally and I'd have to ask the referral service itself.

So I did. A nice young man explained he could do nothing, that they are not local but serve the entire country and all I could do was keep logging on myself to see if there were any cancellations. I did and there weren't. I was somewhat despondent. (A friend will confirm this :wink: ) I did not inform Mr SW who would have hit the roof 8)

This morning, much against my better judgement, I tried again. And there it was :D Right at the top :D:D 3Rd May :o I stared and blinked and stared again and was sure I'd misread it. But no. I think there were a couple of other new, earlier ones too. I booked it quickly before anyone else could :oops:

I'm telling you this so that you can know how the system works and, if necessary, do likewise. Maybe they do all the paperwork first thing in the morning and put all the cancellations up then. But this is a nationwide thing for all referrals, not just physio, and there is a vast, vast difference between 21st June and 3rd May when you are in pain.

Nil desperandum, folks. Just keep plugging away :swim-shark:
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    Thanks for that, Sticky - it's good to know these things. It just goes to show that if you keep plugging away success can be had.
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    Thankyou SW that is really helpful, thank goodness you didn't give up...3rd of may is my 6 weeks checkup...good luck with your physio..
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    how the system works
    or doesn't depending on your point of view! Pity the poor patient who doesn't have online access.
    I wonder if this is a system the health authorities in your area have chosen/signed up to,or whether it applies to certain types of referral such as physio, as where I am we still seem to have a locally administered choose and book system, certainly for hospital based referrals. I was allocated appointments for a couple of other things but there was still a local phone or online booking system to change them. The modern face of the NHS I fear is that more and more the admin is likely to be removed from the end-user and the postcode lottery effect will increase. The clinical commissioning group arrangement has already led to some bizarre decisions, and that can be further complicated by budget decisions made by GP practices - I recently got tripped up on this and ended up pig in the middle between my GP and the rheumatology consultant.
    I'm glad you were able to get an earlier appointment Sticky - persistence rewarded - and I hope it is of help to you.
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    It's certainly not just physio as I remember going through the same process for my last endoscopy / colonoscopy and also, I seem to remember, several years ago, for I know not what consultation. My password has remained the same. Mr SW also had it when selecting an orthopaedic visit re his Bakers cyst.
    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
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