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To all forum members
Am afraid may not be around for a few days since will be going into hospital tomorrow at 07.00 am tomorrow (yes 07.00!) for my THR.
Will post when get home but am sure my OH will let you know how things go.
Bit apprehensive but can't wait to get a bit more mobility and get rid of some of this pain.Fed up with hobbling around on crutches!
Any support welcome.


  • barbara12
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    Ron you will be fine...I had to be in for 7 and didn't go down till 4 ish :o so take some mags with you..I hope you are one of the first on the list and will be thinking about you...
  • mig
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    Good luck Ron will be thinking of you. Mig
  • dibdab
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    Hope all goes well. xx
  • Slosh
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    Hope all goes well
  • stickywicket
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    I'm a bit late, Ron, but wishing you well – literally – anyway. We'll look forward to seeing you back on here with a brand new hip :D
  • barbara12
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    Hope you are already in theater or back on the ward..wishing you a speedy recovery..dont forget to keep paddling those feet..
  • yiayia3
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    Hope all went well all the very best.
  • dreamdaisy
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    I hope all is as well as possible, Ron, I'm looking forward to an update as and when you or The Good Lady Wife can log in. DD

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