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Hi Everybody l'am a newbie here .A year or so ago l was diagnosed with Rh arthritis. I was diagnosed relatively early as l was refered to rh specialist with finger joint pain but at that time they didnt know if it would progress until l had a huge flair up in shoulders elbows and wrists . The pain was horrendous especialy at nightime l was crying out in pain even just turning over in bed was excruciating I was off work for 2 months and was prescribed Hydroxichloroquine along with Naproxin and pain relief . To be honest l thought my worries we're over until l had another flair up in my ankle the pain was so bad l could gladly have cut off my foot !!! It took a few months for the swelling to completely go away and could still feel a weakness in it . So again in January l could see the same old symtoms come back again along with it affecting my feet. I was shuffling like an old woman . This time l think it brought some realisation with it . I realised that this tablet wasn't working fully with me . That this was going to be for the rest of my life was l always going to be in this pain ? I got really down about it. Again saw my my rh nurse and this time was given a steroid injection and asked to consider going into Methotrexate. It's something l really didnt want to do .
My steroid injection worked wonders l hadnt felt that good for nearly 2 years it was amazing. That was 2 months ago and in that time l've changed my diet a bit l've cut out dairy caffeine taking more wholegrains etc to keep that great feeling but unfortunately l can feel the same old symtoms coming back again and the realisation that l'am going to have to consider Mtx again. Anyway this is why l've joined this forum to see how others cope on this drug and with Rh arthritis in general and maybe this will help with my decision which l think is going to have to be made soon :-s.


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    Hi kas14

    Welcome to the forums where I'm sure you will get a lot of help and good advice from all the lovely people on here.

    It is a little quiet being the weekend, but I'm sure that someone will be along shortly to help.

    We are here if you need any support to do with using the forums. Many of the mods have some of the many varieties of arthritis and we all know about the feelings that go along with having it.

    Do read and post across the different topics that you will find here.
    Best wishes
    Mod Bryn
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    Hi Kas14 and welcome from me, too. Your story is quite similar to mine. My RA started in my fingers, then ankles and then everywhere else. Unfortunately, back then (early '60s) DMARDS such as methotrexate weren't around so I muddled on for years with anti-inflamms and the occasional course of steroids.

    Steroids, for many of us, seem like miracle drugs whether by pill or injection. They're not. As you found, the injections only last for 6-8 weeks or so and the tablets, taken long-term, have nasty, subtle side effects. I got worse for years until I started on methotrexate and then things started to improve.

    It sounds off-putting, I know, when you read the side-effects leaflet but side effects are only potential. Many people get none at all. And the best prognosis for RA is to start the DMARDS asap. Eating a healthy diet and exercising is important but it won't do the job of the proper meds in holding back the disease. I just wish they'd been around when I started.

    Come and join us on the Living With Arthritis forum as more people look on there. Many find starting meth quite daunting but not as daunting as living with unmedicated RA. Good luck.

    Oh, and try clicking on the 'Managing Arthritis' tab above where you'll find lots of good advice.
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    I presume you mean rheumatoid arthritis? Steroids can make us feel great but they do nothing to address the underlying cause of the disease so it rumbles on regardless; and they don't always work. I take injected methotrexate and have very little trouble with it - side-effects have to be mentioned but they are not guaranteed. Hydroxy is one of the milder DMARDs so you may find that meth alone is of some use as you seem to be in the early stages, but many on here take more than one med to control their disease activity. I am on a triple therapy and although I feel no direct benefit due to the degree of joint damage I have I know my psoriatic arthritis is under control because my bloods are good. I wish you well. DD
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