Mother had to dump her breast milk

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A US mother was furious at having to dump her breast milk at Heathrow.

My first thought was 'Why did she need to carry it in bottles? Why not just feed the baby en route? Isn't that the whole convenience of breast milk? It was when mine were little.'

Answer – because the baby wasn't with her :shock: :?

Oh come on. Following the liquid explosives plot, there are very good rules about carrying liquids on planes and she must have known them. I am totally without sympathy.


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    Is that all she had to say..I was thinking maybe the baby was in an incubator , very you say they cant be to careful :o
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    Apparently she had 2 weeks worth with her, two thirds of it frozen. Surely the liquid would have gone off and the frozen milk defrosted. Was the baby going to drink it all at once? Very strange.
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    There are ladies of a certain nature who sell such things to gentlemen, I'll leave the rest to your imagination! Sounds as though she lost a weeks income?

    Its a grin, honest!