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Hello I am new to the forum
I am 62 and was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis 5 years ago
I have have worked my way through sulphasalazine,naproxen,methotrexate to no avail and have just started injecting my self with RoActemra weekly (plus all the other meds)
I have had 6 injections to date and have to say I feel I have more energy and some relief in my joints however I am getting headaches and cold sores (which I have researched as common side effects)
Does anyone else in the forum take this drug? Will the cold sores and headache continue? Any shared experience/information would be appreciated as I am feeling pretty isolated with this condition


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    I'm sorry you got no replies sooner. Hello from me.

    I had a bout of cold sores when I restarted methotrexate after giving birth. My body just didn't seem capable of suppressing the virus and it went on for a few months but then calmed. I know it's a different med but immuno-suppression does tend to leave us open to stuff like that. I've not suffered head aches though. Do they coincide with taking the dose or could they be more general? People often get a 'hangover' the day after a meth dose and I used to with Enbrel which I've just returned to so may do again. I think it's just your body coping with the dose in that respect.
    Hey little fighter, things will get brighter