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Hi I've just joined today, I was diagnosed with Arthritis in my hip a few years ago and since then I have experienced pain in my other hip and stiffness in my hands. I keep active and attend the gym taking part in Pilates, Spin class and body pump and I feel it's these that keep me ticking over. I don't often take pain relief unless I really have to but the biggest problem I have is with walking for any length of time especially if there are steps involved. I am 49 and some days I feel much older. I want to be able to have days out with my teenage boys and wonder if I should be taking medication before to preempt the pain later and if so what is best to take? I look forward to hearing your thoughts
Thanks Andrea x


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    Hi there eeyore42 and welcome to the forum.

    Arthritis, of any kind, can travel from one joint to others. I don't think anyone knows why sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't though moving differently because of one affected joint can cause problems in others.

    It seems you've done a great deal to try to help yourself and keep the medication to a minimum. Pilates and cycling are both recommended. Basically, anything that doesn't stress the damaged joint(s). I'm not sure about the body pump. It might depend on how far you push yourself. How about asking for an appointment with a physio who would know better than us what you, personally, should and shouldn't do?

    Is your GP aware that other bits are kicking in? I think he / she would be the one to suggest what pain relief you should take and how. What do you currently take? Anti-inflammatories are probably better than simple painkillers and, although like you, I try to keep all pain relief to a minimum, it does make sense to take it before doing stuff that you know will cause problems and also to take it regularly if things are bad. (You can always cut back again once they improve.) Remember, anti-inflamms should always be taken with food and, if taking them regularly, ask your doc for a stomach-protecting pill too.
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    Welcome to the Forum. I'm just about to hit 51, was diagnosed with knee OA at 39. One knee has been partly replaced; the second needs totally replacing. My ankle needs fusing and I've been offered (and refused) spinal fusion.

    As someone who's lived with OA for a good number of years, I've learnt to live with OA. It's part of me - not all of me if that makes sense? I've learnt to pace myself, to regularly take my pain meds to keep things under control and to accept there are some things I can no longer do. Sadly, this acceptance comes with time.

    SW is right in that you should update your GP about your other joints joining in and a physio being best placed to advise re exercise.

    Everyone on the Forum are a wonderful bunch. I've been through some horrendous times lately and my Forum Family have been a key part of me getting through these horrible times. I'm sure you too, will find the Forum to be a good place to come to for invaluable support.

    Take care,
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    Hello eeyore42 and welcome to the forum
    I am a lot older at 65, I was late 50s when I started with OA..and it moved quite quickly, like the others have said you do learn to live with it, not always easy ..they do say keep on top of the dont let it come on before you take anything..have you been referred to a rheumy they could do more test..
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    Thank you everyone for your lovely replies, it seems I need to go and see my GP again to discuss things. I will also make sure if I know I'm going to walking a lot that I take some medication before the pain starts. it feels great to know there are people out there that can understand my issues

    Thanks again

    Andrea x
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    Hello, I began in 1997 with an auto-immune inflammatory arthritis aged 37 (just in one joint but now it's around forty) and then in 2011 OA was diagnosed in my knees. Since then my hips and ankles have joined my creaky party so some of mine are affected by both types.

    Any form of arthritis is degenerative and progressive but how fast or slow that happens is as individual as us. From my experience I think that OA 'spreads' because we unconsciously alter the ways we move in an effort to reduce joint discomfort, so we throw other joints out of kilter and they start complaining. I haven't been able to walk without aids for many years but I view them as a boon rather than a nuisance (I am an old hand at having my life compromised by medical conditions, it's far harder if you are 'new' to this kind of thing). I use my pain relief on a daily basis, I usually get by with just four 30/500 cocodamol per day, but it relieves very little, it just dulls the sharper edges. Other meds I take which are supposed to reduce my pain don't and never have: the luck of the draw I guess.

    I have had a long day and must go to bed but please keep in touch, ask any questions no matter how 'silly' they seem to be to you (because they won't be to us). I wish you well. DD
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