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I am not surprised that it's all gone wrong for this company but I am saddened by today's news. I liked their bedding and lighting departments but there's only so much bedding and lighting one can buy, yes? I suspect that Sir P Green has questions to answer but will he be brought to book? Time will tell.

I last went to BHS in January, during the sales, and found nothing that appealed in any of its departments (bedding sets went as far as king sized so too small) so today's news set me wondering: When did you last visit a branch and did you buy anything? DD


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    I can't remember when I last went into one. Presumably, in the days when I actually used to shop in Leeds occasionally ie about 40 years ago. If they were relying on me no wonder they went under.
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    I really feel for the staff , they will be the ones that suffer..must say I have bought quite a few things from especially there summer wear..I think in this day and age of the business tax it make sense to move into smaller premises..the day and age of the department stores are on there way out..sad really
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    I buy a lot of their Christmas gifts...I usually do DD.

    I am a bit sad, but haven't bought any of their clothes for years.


    Toni xxx
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    Ah well! At least the fat cats got fatter. That's, apparently, the main thing :mrgreen:
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    A pair of sandles and some shoes about 18 months ago. I agree with you DD, lovely bedlinen and lighting but there is only so much you need.
    I think their clothing line was a big problem, not very fashionable and expensive for what it was.
    Feel very sorry for the staff and all those with BHS pensions.
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    Wondered at first why DD would be posting about the British Horse Society, then all became clear on reading!
    I still have a table lamp I bought before my daughter was born with money my beloved grandmother sent to treat myself with as things were rather fraught at the time. Over 35 years old and still working. Never used BhS much for clothes etc but it was always first port of call for lighting. It's a bad time for the staff - it's bad enough losing your job but added to that is the major uncertainty about pensions.
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    Hello DD
    I go in there for a look around. our Aunties used to come from Oxford to see us and they always wanted to go there for a meal.
    joan xx
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    I have been in there three times in the last year, jeans for me and pressy for madam. I thought the goods and prices were spot on, store was clean and tidy and well staffed. I could go in there and feel OK about entering a female domain and didn't have to dodge the bras and undies to get what I wanted.

    I suppose if a multimillionaire gets the chance to make a few more million then thats what happens, wealth without social guilt? Hope the government sting him for the pension fund!
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    There is just so much competition and they are usually the last place I'd look in at as they seem dull.

    Obviously the loss of staff is a major concern.