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Not as I do.

I know the theory of living with arthritis but right now I'm kind of failing to put it into practice. Things are twanging big time and I'm investing a lot of of hope in my physio appointment next week. Meanwhile, I'm grumpy. Really, you don't want to be around me when I'm grumpy.

I've just torn a strip off poor Mr SW for – yet again – pushing stuff to the back of the fridge so the water fails to drain down the back. It's not his fault. He's a bloke. These things don't register. In a couple of days he'll be amazed and annoyed that there's water on the shelves again :roll:

This was five minutes after he'd given me my BP meds only for me to find that, despite my ringing the pharmacy to check I was now written up for 10mgs, and being assured I was, they've given me 5mgs so they will run out long before the next prescription is due. If that isn't enough to raise one's BP what is :x

And I'm currently waging war on my appointment's service as they are consistently failing to tell me which clinic I'm going to. I thought my Foot Clinic appointment had finally arrived last week only to discover, when I got there, it was my routine rheumatology. It might also have been orthopaedics. How does one prepare?

And if only my beloved would stop gazing, soulfully, at me and asking how I am. THE SAME :mrgreen: Yes, it still hurts. I promise I'll tell you when it gets better. Don't hold your breath.

I told you I was grumpy :oops:
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    Oh dear, sounds as though Mr SW is living dangerously! Especially with the look and the dreaded how are you question! I am sometimes tempted to tell people the answer when I get asked that, but know they don't want to hear that.

    Your war on the appointments service seems entirely reasonable to me, it's not just about preparing but being in the right part of the hospital.

    I hope the physio does help next week, and for their sake that you're a bit less grumpy by then otherwise I dread to think what might happen once they start pushing and prodding etc.

    Hope you start to feel less grumpy soon
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    Right, I have donned my HAZMAT suit, have a fully-charged taser to hand plus a toffee hammer (they can hurt if used 'correctly') so I feel prepared to approach you. :wink:

    There is nothing wrong with finding things a struggle. We all do from time to time and that's because it is. It doesn't take much to send a ripple through our tightropes and I reckon that this debate with your appointments people is the last straw for your particular camel. (Crikey, mixed metaphor or what? :? ) Not helped by The Spouse, the wrong script and your joints so that totals to four straws too many, yes?

    We all struggle from time-to-time, there's nowt wrong with that. I can't help on The Spouse front with either the fridge or the soulful looks but I reckon he is probably realising that things are not as they could be with his lovely wife and he is clueless about how to help. He's a Bloke. I've one of them too, I empathise. DD
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    Oh dear, SW - a grumpy day : par for the course for me at the minute. It's never just one thing that goes wrong, is it? You are right about the ' bloke ' thing - anything said to a spouse goes in one ear and out the other, and it's not helpful.

    I sympathise about the hospital & tablet dosage going pear-shaped too. These things are sent to try us and try us they do. Each time my hubby asks how I am feeling I think he's hoping I'll announce a miracle has happened & I feel fine. Since I have the hated rib pain at present it's not going to happen. I also have an emergency appointment at the dentist tomorrow as I have ' lost ' a filling, & if he asks me one more time how I managed to do that, I might just hit him.

    Mind you, I still love him!
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    Thank you Slosh, DD and Tezz. You're all very kind and, DD, it might just be safe to abandon the suit, taser etc now.

    My day did get even more frustrating when the woman dealing with my hospital appointments fiasco, who told me she'd ring at 1pm didn't (and hasn't). (Maybe she'd misplaced her HAZMAT suit).

    Then, a letter arrived from the wrong hospital telling me my surgical shoes were ready for collection and when I rang to find out from which hospital I was put on hold for 7 minutes with a disembodied voice telling me every 3 seconds “Please hold. The line is engaged.” I actually managed the entire 7 minutes without once yelling “I KNOW the xxxxing line is xxxxing engaged.”

    Naturally, it turned out the shoes were at the hospital which is 12 miles away rather than the one which is 4 miles away. Apparently, the orthotist would pick them up tomorrow and they'd be at the nearer one by Wednesday :? I told them I'd pick them up myself from the further one tomorrow. I can't wait any longer. I blame the shoes for my current physio need.

    And then the estate agent rang asking if they could do another viewing tomorrow morning. We have now been back from USA long enough to have the house in its usual state of comfortable, slovenly chaos so much tidying and cleaning (once we found the surfaces to clean) has taken place, the vast majority by Mr SW.

    So now I'm tired and achey and all ready to fall into a comfy armchair which is precisely the last thing my achey bits need. And they'll tell me so as soon as I get out again. And it's my meth day so I can't drown my sorrows.

    Did I say it was safe to approach me now? Maybe not :lol:
    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
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    Oh SW I do think that men are sent to test us..bless..he sound just like my OH..especially the how are you feeling..and yes that look..I really do hope that the physio can help those joints..we do get used to some of this disease..but then when things changed it hits us for 6 again.. will have everything crossed for you..dont worry I wont do hugs... :)
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    We all have bad days

    This weekend we went to an amazing wedding it really was a great day with fantastic people.

    I had to have a dance with my wife so I knew it would cost me but something are worth it but what did this fool do, I had some wedding cake.

    I had the worst night with my colitis I have had since being diagnosed it almost cost me a hospital visit. 2 days later and things a much better but I feel as grumpy as hell.

    So a nice dance with the love of my life to this. Not fair is it.

    Crush a grape it will make you feel better or silly one or the other