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Hi this is my first post as I have only joined the Forum. Hoping that hearing from other people with similar challenges wil help me feel a little less isolated. Like many others on here I am a mum of three fabulous children who make everything worthwhile. My hubby and I both work but as my health deteriorates (I have RA and fibro) things get a little tougher. Any how that's me! Hello everyone!


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    I am sure everyone on here will make you feel very welcome and share their experiences with you. Having arthritis can make you feel very alone at times as lots of people just can't really understand. I thought you might like to read some stories of other people living with arthritis as it can be reassuring here is a link to our website https://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/help-and-support/stories
    Also if you would like to talk things through you can phone our free confidential helpline on 0808 800 4050
    Best Wishes
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    Hello Polly1977 and welcome :D You are quite right. Arthritis can be very isolating even in a crowd. But here you are with people who understand and I hope you'll find us helpful and supportive.

    I have RA. No fibro but I do also have OA as I was diagnosed before DMARDS were offered.

    Well done on managing to work! I never managed that after the birth of my elder son. Now I have two grandsons and they do keep me going :D

    Please join in anywhere. I'll look forward to seeing you around.
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    Hello, I'm 57, have PsA, OA plus fibro but no children: you are definitely in the right place for support and encouragement because we a re all in similar boats. I take meth, humira and sulphasalazine tablets which keep the PsA well-controlled but don't affect the other two. DD
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    Hello Polly, and welcome - I hope you will enjoy ` talking` with us on the forum.

    Well done for managing to work and bring up three children - luckily my two boys were grown up when RA came calling. I now have some OA too, but hopefully still manage to get the most out of life.I have two lively, energetic grandsons and love spending time with them.
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    Thank you for all the kind messages it's good to know there are nice, kind people out there who have an understanding of life with ra or other long term conditions. Thank you all for taking the time to say hello.
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    Hello Polly and a warm welcome from me..it really dose help talking to people that understand some of what you are going through..I do hope to see your name around the forum.. :)
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    Hi Polly and welcome to the forum. It really is a great place to chat, discuss, share your problems or worries. Everyone is super friendly and help as much as is possible.
    XX Aidan
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