Looking to meet new friends!

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Hi All,

I'm 46 years old and I'm not working anymore. I've drifted away from friends I used to work with and am now feeling a tad lonely during the week while my family are out and busy!

My hobbies include sewing, gardening, bird spotting, rambling, painting, all sorts of arts & crafts. I have a dog too and would love some company when I walk him.

I live in Mitcham in South West London. I grew up around here till I was 15 then I moved with my parents to East Sussex near Eastbourne. Then moved to Uckfield where I had my two sons who are now 20 & 21. My youngest son has mild autism. I have Seronegitive OA and Costocondritis. I've had I since I was 29 and have arthritis in most joints! I'm on methotrexate and am in the process of going onto Abatacept.

If anyone on this forum is in a similar situation to me and lives nearby and is around during the daytime during the week and would like some company, please let me know.
Maybe we could meet up for a coffee :)

Love Emma x


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    You seem to have a lot of hobbies, Emsjane. Why not join a local group reflecting one or more of them? Also, I believe there are now such things as cafes where owners can take their dogs and meet other dog owners. Might there be one near you?
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    I was born in Eastbourne and lived there until I moved to Danehill, which is very near to Uckfield. But now I live in Middlesex.I also have 2 children on the autistic spectrum (16 and 17).

    I know a lot of people walk their dogs in groups. What breed of dog do you have? I'm involved in some fundraising for both Greyhound rescues and our local autism group.

    Being arty myself I find that painting passes the time. I have belonged to art groups and the camaraderie is fantastic. At the moment fatigue is an issue so I'm having a break from art classes but recently got the watercolours out at home as my Daughter loves and keeps all my paintings bless her.

    The local Merton Park AC group sounds ideal too just to get the ball rolling.

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    I was retired at 44, 17 years ago, whatever you have been doing keep doing it!

    Good luck. :cheers:
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    Hello Emma and welcome to the forum, I am glad to see the mods have found an AC meeting place..hope you can get along to it..