Another of those memory jolts...

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Today would have been my mother's 89th birthday. I don't begrudge the Queen all the celebrations of her 90th, but it has made the anniversary rather more painful this year. Seeing Lizzie still active and compos mentis is in stark contrast to mum's last 2 years.
Ah well, as time passes the pain of loss gradually lessens, and the memory jolts become a bit softer.


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    Of course it's a difficult time, daffy, and the memory jolts can't always be pre-buffered. The memories, sweet or painful, can be triggered at any time. I hope the bittersweet gradually becomes more sweet than bitter. ((( )))
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    I like that Sticky "more sweet than bitter". Sending some hugs Daffy. (((()))) Mig
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    I lost my mum when I was 30..she worked so hard in the factory s, and I wonder if she had the queens job she might have still been with us..mst say the queen does a grand job...
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    Aw Daffy :(

    I have been thinking about my own Mum, who died 9 years ago aged 70, a lot recently. Probably because of our imminent house move.

    It really does get easier. I bawled like a baby for her when Lucy was diagnosed with Leukaemia, but most of my memories are really lovely now. I see her every time I look in the mirror too :)

    I am sending you some ((()))


    Toni xxx