Pocket duties please

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I have got a spirometer test tomorrow never done one before so don't know what to expect so company would be nice ,I have a blood test afterwards to check my parathyroid levels. Mig


  • mig
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    Oops should have been on LWA . Mig
  • barbara12
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    Mig if this is the one were you blow has hard as you can into a tube, I had one a few years ago..hope the results are good....and count me in
  • theresak
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    I had one of these when on MTX - hope it goes well for you & the blood test too.
  • applerose
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    I'll come along and keep you company too. Hope it goes well.
  • hileena111
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    Hi Mig
    Sorry I'm a bit late.....but I'll be in your pocket.......good luck

  • dachshund
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    Hello Mig
    I hope it went as well as it could. and the blood test.
    joan xx