Anyone feel significantly better in a warmer, drier climate?

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I've just taken my first holiday since the accident that triggered this, the first in 7 years. We took it easy, short flight, wheelchair assistance all of the way, etc etc

When I got there, it was about 28 degrees, most of the week was between 24-29 but it was a very dry heat. Within 2 days of being there, I was able to do 600 percent more than in the UK, and this continued for 4 days until the weather shifted to wetter and cooler, then more of my usual symptoms came back, although I was still better than I normally am.

Now I'm home and I am back to normal symptom wise and faced with the usual limitations, I feel so frustrated and like I've been kicked back into grieving. I allowed myself to think about whether I could work once back in the UK as I felt so much better, yet almost as soon as the plane touched down, the symptoms increased, hour by hour.

I'm 34 and have a profession I love but I can't do . I can't even work as my RA is so unpredictable and severe. My consultant's latest is "we're running out of treatment options" which is worrying and although I always thought I'd find the right drug for me which would push my RA towards remission but now I'm not so sure.


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    In short, yes. And no.

    I'm dreadful in really hot heat but I do think that barometric pressure plays a part in how good or bad things are. There are several studies on it and I believe the thinking is that pressure inside the joint is increased so that makes us experience more pain. I did, however, read that people moving to more temperate places because of that (I know San Diego was cited) gradually become more acclimatised so that they feel minor changes in pressure whereas we, who live with larger swings, don't notice the minor ones so much.

    Manchester University, in conjuction with ARUK are currently running some research on weather and arthritis. You can download their app to join in at .

    I'm very glad you enjoyed your holiday :bouncing-ball:
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    I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday too, especially having waited seven years for it. I find my RA is not a great deal different in cold weather, or even damp weather, but I do like the sun. While I don't think I experience any significant difference in the sunshine, it does lift my spirits & quite possibly has a ' knock on ' effect. I remember our first holiday after RA was diagnosed. We took the car to France, and I could feel the warm sun on my stiff shoulders & it was better than a heat patch!

    What I do try to steer clear of is draughts - my shoulders are not in a good state anyway, but if caught for a time in a draught they seize up completely & are excruciating. If you see a lady demanding all the windows shut in any form of transport it's me!
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    We went to Spain for a couple of weeks ..and I thought there is no difference here than in the UK ..till I got back, boy did I know about it..and I hadn't over done it on holiday I hired a scooter
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    The heat helps to ease my OA but aggravates my PsA so no, I don't feel better. Today here is damp so the OA is having a bite because it can. Life is a barrel of laughs, all at my expense. DD
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    I'm terrible in heat swell up like the Michelin Man!! So spend afternoons in the hotel room with ankles raised up having a siesta! :deckchair: