I have a "working diagnosis" of.......

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.......Psoriatic Arthritis

Just got back to work after my first rheumatology appointment, and it was great actually. I did a sheet (discussed on a different thread) with lots of summary info on, and a pain map, and a history of anything else I could think of, and he said it was brilliant, really useful. He asked a few questions about some of the things on there and a few things that weren't. did a physical exam and was basically lovely i.e. very human, and not scary at all.

he says he's pretty sure it's Psoriatic, and that I've probably had it since I was a teenager (25 years ago??). Also says that's good news, because if I've had it that long and have no sign of deformity in the joints then it's mild and I shouldn't expect to be limited too much as I get older. more blood tests of course and I have to go back for an ultrasound of a few joints, but just anti-inflammatories for now.

if/when my hands particularly swell/flare up next I have to call the helpline and see them straight away (so he can see it at it's worst I guess), or if he finds anything on the ultrasound he'll call me back in, other than that I go back routine in 6 months :)

he did tell me to pick up a leaflet about psoriatic arthritis on my way out, but I forgot :/ plenty of info here of course ;)

thanks all x


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    Good :D I think. Better not to have it but, given that something is clearly amiss, it's better to have a diagnosis. And a diagnosis of something mild is always good news.

    I'd suggest that, if you do have any swelling in the interim you take photos. It could help.
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