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Thought I would wait till I'd seen GP to do an update so here we go,rheumatology is pleased with my bloods in regards to my ra and doesn't want to see me for a year (unless I need to see her)she doesn't think the kidney ,thyroid or chest is nessasary is to do with RA but asked that my gp write to endocrinology to ask their advise or send app if they think nessasary (details sent)gp has already sent letter for me to have a chest ct and will not put inhaler on repeat till we know what we are dealing with said if I need another then I am to go and see her,my calcium levels are ok and vit d is picking up nicely was what she said,so it's wait again.Sorry if I ramble I often do then nothing makes sense. Mig


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    Thats good news on the bloods and RA..has for the others its good to know your GP is keeping an eye on things unlike mine did..I hope the chest results are good..x
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    Good news on the RA front Mig- I'm pleased your GP is being thorough too.
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    I would ramble too Mig - you have a lot going on.

    Was able to decipher it though and think all good as far at rheumatology is concerned. GP seems to be on the ball too. Hope the scan's re chest come through soon.


    Toni xx
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    On the R.A. front clearly all is well but it's good also that she's emphasised you can make another appointment if necessary before your annual one comes through.

    I like the fact that your rheumatologist and GP are liaising well.

    I'd guess that the reason for not putting the inhaler on repeat prescription would be because, by improving your breathing, it might actually make it harder for them to determine what's going on.

    Good news, too, about the calcium and Vit D levels.

    You're getting there, Mig, slowly but surely.
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    Pleased that everything seems to be moving in the right direction, Mig. Take care.