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I have had an appointment come for the clinic it was for 2 august I shall be on holiday so I phoned up to change it and given a date of 24th june so please keep that morning free as i shall need pocket duties,I have no idea what they do at respiratory clinics any idea folks . Mig


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    Sorry Mig - not sure what they will do, but I hope it goes well. We'll be away then, so I will have to give pocket duties a miss.
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    I'll hop into your pocket, Mig, although, I'm afraid, I don't know what happens at a respiratory clinic.

    I hope it goes well for you.

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    Will be happy to do pocket duties,interested in what a respiratory clinic is about............ :|

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    Hi Mig,

    Happy to share my experience of a Respiratory clinic appointment if it helps.

    Normally the first thing they do is measure my height/weight (no idea why) and the usual blood pressure checks, following this a nurse tests my peak flow which involves puffing hard into a metre 3 times from which they assess the best reading. On my first appointment there were a series of breathing tests involving breathing out as hard as possible and for as long as possible to test my lung capacity. The test results are then assessed by the consultant who also had the results of xrays and a CT scan previously requested by my Rheumatologist who was concerned about frequent chest infections.

    I have a bronchiectasis as a result of all the chest infections which were a result of my rubbish immune system......I now see the respiratory consultant annually and each visit is more or less the same. Occasionally I also encounter a specialist physio there who reminds me about the breathing exercises I'm supposed to do every day!

    Hope your appointment goes well.

    Deb xx
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    Thanks so much dibdab feel easier about it now. Mig
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    I'll be there, I've had these three times in two sections: the first pass was without taking any of my inhalers for the previous 24 hours then the second lot was after taking the inhalers. DD
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    Will certainly be there, no problems at all. The appointments are more in depth than the spirometry tests that they do at the surgery. But I am sure all will be ok. XX Aidan
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    I'll be there too Mig. Maybe we can all puff and blow to help you.
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    I just had a respiratory appointment this week even though I don't have any breathing issues... My rheumatologist booked me in to monitor my lung function as the Methotrexate I take can, very rarely, affect breathing... I guess it is to be on the safe side. I don't know if you ate on MTX but if you are, this might be why.

    I just had to breathe into a Spirometer 4 times and was in and out in 5 mins... Absolutely nothing to worry about.

    Good luck at your appointment!
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    You can pop me in too.
    Hope it goes well
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    Good luck with it mig and count me in..xx

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