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Hello all. Thought I'd let you know how things are. Saw rheumatologist yesterday. She gave me a steroid injection to tide me over...that has already made so much difference! In the meantime, i need an xray of my hands to see how much damage is there. Then she will decide if Humira is still working or if i need a change. I have a feeling there will be a change. Next appt is in August to decide.

For now, i think i will focus on my diet. That's got to make a difference, i hope. Don't know why i never really thought of that before properly. I'm not overweight, i just eat the wrong stuff sometimes.



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    I saw your post on the 'Hello' part of the forum. I am pleased that you have had a steroid injection and that is helping. I am sure the drs will sort you out and do something to improve the situation.

    I don't have RA but OA in multiple places and totally understand the frustration and isolation which pain causes. I hope that the steroid works for a while and that you can get out more.
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    Hello anny..I am please the injections is must feel relieved..if you feel its wearing off you could always try and bring your rheumy appointment forward, they do get cancellations..wishing you well with everything..
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    I'm please the injection is helping. Relentless pain makes it hard to focus on anything else.

    Did the rheumatologist comment on your recent blood results as that's usually what determines whether or not the meds are working? Perhaps another will be thrown into the mix rather than exchanging humira for something else.

    We all 'eat the wrong stuff sometimes'. Paragons of virtue can be quite difficult to live with :wink: If you eat a broadly healthy diet, the odd slip-up or indulgence will make little or no difference. Check out Arthritis Care's section on diet in 'Managing Arthritis'. Changing to a healthier diet is a good thing to do while the steroids are helping. Let's know how it all goes.

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