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I have been waiting for my neurosurgeon appointment and x ray appointment, for which I have been ringing the secretary for the past week. She said she didn`t know anything about it and was most unhelpful. So I rang the private hospital (which sees his patients on NHS) and they looked for my notes and now I have an appointment tomorrow for x rays at 8.30 am, and they found a cancellation with the neurosurgeon on Saturday! I guess it is true what they say about a squeaky wheel!!
I am writing a list of questions to ask about the disc replacement, and about the fusion so I can make an informed choice. I really need to do something soon as my back is really bad.
I also have an appointment to see the senior physio on Thursday and I can tell him what the neurosurgeon has said about my MRI.
Busy week! and I am working all week too! Not looking forward to the pain after work :roll:
Thanks for reading


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    Hi nearlybionic
    Happy to pocket duties,though may have to jump in and out for my appointments................ :!:
    Hope you get answers to your questions sufficient to make a decision!
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    NB, you have my very best wishes for all your appointments. I'm afraid I can't be in your pocket as I shall be on the A1 again tomorrow, house-hunting. Well, viewing. And not exactly on the A1 :wink:

    I do hope all goes well, though and you get answers which help you make a difficult decision.
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    Thanks Ron , and good luck with your appointments.

    Thanks Sticky, and happy house hunting!

    Take care

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