Getting excited about going back to school tomorrow

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When I go back in tomorrow it will be the first time in two years I have been at work for the last half of the summer term. Two years ago I was still recovering from surgery and by this time last year my GP had insisted on signing me off for 6 weeks.

The run up to half term was hard, two fairly stressful meetings on the last day, one of which was an attendance review. I'm please to say this went very well, no more formal meetings needed but the school business manager wants to continue to meet with me fortnightly to see how I am. My three monthly "allowance" of 5 days of disability related absence is also going to stay. I've only needed two days off over the last 3 months but just knowing that I have that flexibility has been helpful as it has removed one stress. She also said that it was clear that I wasn't going to take advantage of it and that she was therefore quite happy to maintain it.
It took me most of half term to recover and get back to my normal both emotionally and physically and I did wimp out of a craft fair as I just wasn't in the place to walk up to people I didn't know and ask for help unloading my stuff and taking it in and then the opposite at the end of the day.
I also indulged in a professional garden makeover which really was money well spent and it has been wonderful to be able to enjoy sitting out in it again.

So apologies for not being around as much as usual until the last day or so but you all know how it goes!


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    Firstly don't apologise for having a break. Congratulations for getting through last term and only needing half of your half-term break to recover. Sounds as last that you have some reasonable support from work, which is good to hear.

    I think you were sensible about the craft fayre. Probably very disappointing for you but that's what Mr Arthur does, isn't it?

    Try to pace yourself when you go back tomorrow. At least you'll not have to work a full week, so there's a bonus.

    Hope it goes well.

    Take care,
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    Thanks Grace, I now only work part time, Wednesday to Friday, so that has helped a lot, although I still feel glad when it's "home time" on a Friday!
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    I hope the last half of the summer term goes well for you, Slosh. Take care.

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    I hope that you have a really good summer term Slosh and I am so pleased to hear that the working arrangements are much more satisfactory than they were.


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