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When I wake up some mornings, it is obvious that it is going to be 'one of those days'... Tired, achy, low mood.. Genuinely can't be arsed. I believe this is one of the many symptoms of arthritis, and I have learned to deal with it, take time out, pace yourself etc.

BUT what do you do when 'one of those days' lasts all week? Or all month? It's a real struggle at the moment, meds have been increased because of it, but sadly it's just not working and apparently it's not good to stay in bed or relax for that long.

Basically I'm just pretty **** at the moment and guess I just need someone who understands to tell me it won't last forever. Also advice is good, so far I found ice works on the affected joints and I have cut down on 'the bad stuff' eg. Alcohol, not much caffeine, trying to stay healthy. But the fatigue and tiredness just isn't shifting :(

Thanks in advance, Katy x


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    Fatigue is, as you know, part and parcel of an autoimmune arthritis but a month is a long time for it to last.

    I wonder which meds have been increased - the DMARDS or just pain relief. If the latter they could be contributing to the fatigue.

    It's true that staying in bed is a very short term answer. I was always taught to exercise even on the very bad days but only to take my joints very gently through their full range on those days.

    Eating healthily will help but long term rather than short. Nothing works really quickly.

    It will get better but not necessarily as quickly as you'd like it to. If your DMARDS have only recently been changed or increased give them time. If they haven't then contact your helpline for advice.
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    Hello katy its nice to meet you, only sorry you had to look for us in the first place...
    All I can say is have you been referred to a pain clinic ..or like SW says what meds are you on..maybe they need changing..but times like this I just have to think well it wont last forever..I do hope you can get some relief very soon.. this humid weather doesn't help my joints..and a nap in the afternoon will help.

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