Thoughts and Prayers Rest With Those Who Perished in Orlando

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So saddening and sickening, that the worst mass shooting in the USA has claimed 50 innocent lives in Orlando.

What the answer is I do not know, but we live in dangerous times.



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    R.I.P. Mig
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    I'm with President Obama on this. Saddened and sickened, yes, but also furious that the immensely powerful gun lobby controls legislation there. Obama has tried time and again to ban at least machine guns (Who, on earth, needs to use one legitimately?) but the rednecks rule.

    This should not have happened and need not have happened but as long as USA is in love with guns it will continue.
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    Exactly SW they are very powerful and no way will they ever have gun laws..I know they will always be able to get hold of them , but to be able to buy automatic weapons over the counter...
    These poor family waiting for news..the only way forward is to somehow stop these young people being sad all round..RIP...
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    Dreadful really dreadful.

    Thank you for staring this thread Bubbles.

    Thinking of the families of those involved and for those who were killed


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    That's ok Toni, I was just so terribly shocked at the needless loss of lives, at the hands of a terrorist. A very sad day in history. Very sad indeed. xx
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    My thoughts go to all the families who have lost loved ones. Very sad indeed.

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