Worried about arthritis of the neck - symptoms

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Hi All,

Hope you are all well?

Thank you for taking the time to read this - I shall try to keep it as short as possible.

About Me

I'm 23 years old, suffer from anxiety. 6ft 3 and oveweight, although not significantly. I work on a computer and have for the last 5 years, 8-6 every day. I come home and go on my PC too.

4-5 weeks ago I noticed when I turn my head to the left, a crunching sound is heard in my neck. Since then it has got much louder and I can feel the clunking too.


I visited the chiropractor who told me I have scoliosis of my spine, including the cervical spine. I was also told my neck is straight with little or no curve. He told me I also had subluxations and said he could fix these. I then went to a physio for more advice.


The physio told me I have a lot of tension and muscle knots etc so has been giving my massages which have been very very painful at times. He said a lot of the tension has gone, and that I am a lot better. My neck also has a FULL range of movement. The thing that worries me is that the crunching has got worse despite less tension?

I've been getting lots of aches in my neck and my back. I've been trying to do neck stretches which seems to have helped a bit. I notice a big clunk sometimes upon rotation too. The crunching EVERY single time scares me though, and how it's getting worse. Nobody understands or takes me seriously. My knees are also suffering badly too, but my neck scares me the most. I've had sharp pains in my right shoulder blade a few times, which has lasted about 48 hrs then disappeared. I've read this could be a muscular/tendon problem too, but the physio worries me how it's got worse...

I'm only 23 years old, I already felt very depressed as I've just got over my tinnitus which drove me close to the edge. I Couldn't deal with arthritis of the neck :( You're all so brave for doing so. Could it be this? It's all so sudden, whereas I thought arthritis is slow to progress? I've had tests for RA which have come up negative. I worry as I'm supposed to be going to Barcelona in 7 weeks with my girlfriend and I don't want to let her down. I wouldn't be as fussed if I Were married and had kids etc, but I feel like if I do have this condition, it wouldn't be fair on my girlfriend or future kids as I wouldn't be able to be a proper dad/husband. I also worry as i've read a lot about this cervical spondylosis where people have to give up work after a few years due to the pain. Then what? 50 years of laying in bed with no family or anything?

Sorry, I don't mean to offend anyone, I'm just so scared.

Thanks for any help anyone can give, it's greatly appreciated.


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    Hello Hi gm1992

    Welcome to Arthritis Care Forums. As mods we are here to help with any problems you may have on the message boards.

    There are lots of lovely people here with a wide range of experiences with arthritis and the problems of living with the condition. Just join in wherever you like you will be made very welcome.

    I look forward to seeing you posting on the boards.

    All best wishes
    Mod Christine
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    Hello gm1992 and welcome from me, too.

    I promise you, you'll be taken seriously on here. This is something which is clearly worrying you a lot and, certainly, crunching and creaking of joints can be very alarming. Quite a few people come on here worried about it.

    The problem is, we are not trained in diagnostics. All we can say, with any certainty, is that lots of people get this and usually it's not to do with arthritis and nothing to worry about but, on the other hand, sometimes it might be though, from my experiences on these forums, I'd say the neck isn't where arthritis usually starts.

    Let's get rid of a few misconceptions. Firstly, we are not brave. We simply put up with the inevitable. You could do it too if you had to. You'd learn to adapt and prioritise. Secondly, arthritis has no timescale. It can come on quickly or slowly. Thirdly, your girlfriend loves you for who you are. If it turned out that you did have arthritis she'd still love you. If she didn't you'd be better off without her. Fourthly, it's possible to have arthritis and still be a 'proper Dad and husband'. I've always regarded myself as a proper Mum and wife though I had RA before I even met my husband. Kids want love and affection. They don't much care how it comes. We all find our own ways. And they work. Fifthly, if you did have cervical spondylosis I doubt you'd be lying in bed 'for 50 years'. The inactivity would see you off long before that :wink:

    As I said, we can't diagnose but, to get back to basics, sitting at a computer for 6-8 hours a day at work, then doing the same at home is almost guaranteed to give you problems. The body wasn't wasn't designed for such long periods of inactivity coupled with the same repeated movements. No wonder you have neck problems!

    Has anyone suggested swimming? That would be good exercise and quite relaxing as the water supports the body. Clearly, the physio and massage have helped but you now also have some pain elsewhere. What does your GP make of this? What does your physio think? Have they suggested arthritis? If you remain worried then you should ask these professionals but we are always here to listen and share the fears with.

    Why not give our lovely Helpline people a call? Talking things through can often help a lot.
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