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We live in a decent, low crime area.

Three days ago Mr SW put a 'Vote Remain' poster up in our window.

Two days ago an egg was thrown at that window.

Tonight our fence, a sturdy one which ran the full length of the garden was systematically pulled down so that it is now lying, dangerously, in bits, across the ginnel.

Presumably they think we should not have put up a Vote Remain poster.

Maybe they think we should not have the freedom to vote Remain.

Or the freedom to encourage others to do so.

Maybe they think this will change our minds.

Maybe they think our country would be greater without free speech.

Maybe they don't actually think much at all.

Or care.

We have friends who will vote Brexit. We discuss the issues with them. Then we go our separate ways, with hugs all round. Isn't that a better way?


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    Isn't that a better way?
    It is indeed Sticky, but it requires consideration, maturity, intelligence, and above all respect for other people, all qualities conspicuous by their absence in recent weeks, and probably never possessed in the first place by the individuals who targeted you.
    There is also the unfortunate tendency of certain types to use issues of the day as an excuse to indulge their anti-social inclinations, and any convenient band-waggon will do.
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    I agree. This referendum campaign has got very nasty and verbally vicious in a way not allowed in parliament and not usually seen in elections and that probably 'gives permission' to those of a more anti-social disposition to take it a stage further.

    Also, yes, there are some who carry large packs of anger around with them and are happy to offload it anywhere.

    We have a crime number and the police 'may call round' in the next few days. Our insurers will pay for a new fence.

    Problem – do we remove the poster and let the vandals feel justified? Everything in us says no.

    However, our house is now 'sold subject to contract' and our buyer is a lovely lady who will be living on her own. We have told her about it (Don't want her finding out from others) and she seems very sanguine about it but we don't want to leave her facing a load of aggro. I think it will have to go and the bullies win.
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    Karma on them sticky. These people seem to know no different than to act like idiots. Bullies they are, probably still dragging their knuckles on the ground, as they have yet to develop into maturity.

    Be safe in the knowledge that they would not have a clue as to the for's and against's of the EU referendum. We, on the other hand would discuss it at length and as you say, remain friends at the end of the day. How good it is to know that we are better people then they are. :)
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    That's awful Sticky. This whole referendum 'debate' has got totally out of hand and this sort of behaviour comes from the politics of fear and anger coming from both sides. It's sickening. Yesterday one of my friends had to intervene when two men were abusing a woman with her pushchair, and throwing sticks at her. Because she was Russian.
    What is the word coming to?
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    Hope your not too shaken by this pointless attack by ill-informed dipsticks (derbyshire word for idiots).

    This whole campaign is playing of voters (and non voters) fears, and its bringing out the worst in them. Both sides in this whole campaign of fear (which it has turned into) have a lot to answer for once the dust settles come June 24th.

    Stick to your guns, and keep that poster up, after your exercising you democratic right which others choose to ignore.
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    These people obviously don't have many brain cells. Do they really think that what they've done will make you vote for what they want instead of what you want? I don't think so. So they haven't won whether you leave the poster up or take it down.
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    Thank you all for your kind words.

    With great reluctance, and on the advice of the Community Police, the poster has gone. We feel we owe it to our buyer not to create trouble for her.

    So, after being told by the Community Police that, if anyone got hurt on the jagged remains of the fence, we would be responsible, Mr SW dismantled the bits and piled them up on the drive. They resembled a bonfire which was just begging for a match :roll: or, worse, petrol :shock: Oh I don't think so. With my encouragement, he has taken them to the council tip.

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