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For the last 3 years I have been unable to do one aspect of my job because of OA in my big toes. I interview members of the public about public transport but I can't keep my balance on moving buses anymore. Now work have decided that they want evidence of my inablility to do this. My GP has written me a fit note. This was done via the phone and has completely wrong info on it but the practice nurse says it will do the job. The note expires on 21st of this month and so I'll have to get another one. This could go on forever!

How else can I manage this? I love my job and know that it's a matter of time until I can't do it any more but I don't want to be sacked


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    I can't really be of help, mally, but I think, in your situation, I'd make an appointment to see my GP. It might be that a Practice Manager, who doesn't know you, has typed this up and the GP has glanced through and signed it. If it's factually wrong then you need any subsequent ones to be right.

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